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Chado, the Art of the Way of Tea

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Original Astrofocus® 2010

The Pilgrim to Eternity edition

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540,00 €

  • Canvas
  • Digital Foto

The printing is luxuriously executed on hi-tech printer with high resolution on canvas stretched on a frame and finished with the protective spraying. You can also choose the digital photo quality printing.

For shipping abroad we use secure packing in the rigid box and deliver directly to your home address.
Some of the artworks have different size and aspect ratio. The print is available in three sizes - M, L, XL. You can find the individual dimensions in cm in the description below.
The price is final and includes high resolution printing on canvas or digital photo quality printing, VAT tax, packing and shipping costs, no matter what size or country you choose.
  • The Japanese word “dó” means art. To us in Europe, it came in the form of martial Ju dó. What about to try a Cha dó for a change?

    Let´s try to stop the rhythm of everyday disco for a cup of tea. Gaze on this beautiful collage, which includes Zen painting of monk Gibon Sengai and painting of teapots by Chinese artist Paula, and between sips of tea let's navigate through our head soothing koan words of tea master:


    Warm the water

    Put the tea leaves in a cup

    Pour the water over the tea leaves

    Wait a minute

    And then drink the tea

    M 20 x 35 cm
    L 45 x 80 cm
    XL 65 x 115 cm