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Yachting of the Heart

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Original Astrofocus® 2010

Path of my noble karma edition

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540,00 €

  • Canvas
  • Digital Foto

The printing is luxuriously executed on hi-tech printer with high resolution on canvas stretched on a frame and finished with the protective spraying. You can also choose the digital photo quality printing.

For shipping abroad we use secure packing in the rigid box and deliver directly to your home address.
Some of the artworks have different size and aspect ratio. The print is available in three sizes - M, L, XL. You can find the individual dimensions in cm in the description below.
The price is final and includes high resolution printing on canvas or digital photo quality printing, VAT tax, packing and shipping costs, no matter what size or country you choose.
  • This Astrofocus was created during the night in the middle of the ocean. The idea to carve with the colors of the sea the confession elusive for material senses and invisible messages of the horoscope into the trunk of a palm tree, I borrowed it from the art of magic tattoos of Buddhist monks. Tattooed amulet should work just as well, even though used invisible ink. While the actress Angelina Jolie wanted a visible tattoo amulet, a lot of people, due to their profession, come to the monastery with the desire to their magical amulet don‘t be seen. Monks therefore use a invisible "ink". The magical tattoos brought  to Angelina Jolie within a few months a lot of fortunate coincidences, including changeover in the film The Smiths,  through which she gut closer with her future husband Brad Pitt.

    Yachting of the Heart highlights those constellations of horoscope of the girl with a big heart and a mission to help people (she’s a doctor), which set out the course to the old novels values of chivalic hearts and loving souls.

    M 30 x 45 cm
    L 50 x 75 cm
    XL 80 x 120 cm